BRTC started "Diploma in Bamboo Technology" in this academic year 2017-18 with affiliation Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) with the Intention of development and generating employment opportunities for the masses in the field of Bamboo.

Selection of Candidates

Admission shall be made purely on the basis of marks obtained in SSC or equivalent qualifying examination approved by MSBTE plus marks obtained in Bamboo based Aptitude Test and Skill Test.


The Intake capacity is 20.



 Certificate Course in Basketry is mainly meant for female candidates ,in which we mainly train them in developing Bamboo skills on Basketry Items like Bamboo treatment , removing slivers out of Bamboo and finishing them, Bamboo Mat Weaving, making articles using Slivers like Baskets, trays and other Composites.

Course Duration is 70 days 


Certificate course in Furniture is mainly meant for Male Candidates; in this course we give hands on Training on Bamboo Treatment, Selection of Bamboo, Straitening of Bamboo, Joinery of Bamboo, making different furniture items like Stools, Chairs, Beds, Partitions, Racks etc.,   

Course Duration is 70 days  


Certificate course in Turning is mainly meant for male candidates; in this course we  train students on Bamboo Treatment, Selection of Bamboo, Straitening of Bamboo, various groves and cuts by using machines. We make candidate to learn to make Bamboo Vases, Flower Pots, Designer Columns and other Bamboo Artifacts.  

Course Duration is 70  days 


Certificate course in Bamboo Construction is mainly to meet the skilled man power requirement of Bamboo construction industry and thereby create livelihood generation for the unemployed youth. Details will be announced soon.   


Certificate course in Bamboo Treatment is to fill the gap of treated bamboo and thereby increase employment opportunities for unemployed. 

Details will be announced soon.

Plantation to Harvesting

“Plantation to Harvesting” is a certified course mainly targeted for farmers only to promote bamboo cultivation in private lands of farmers. 

Details will be announced soon.